For a strong back without equipment
If you can’t use weight training equipment, you’ll need to find alternative exercises to build your back. This is essential because as part of a complete strength training program to develop your entire body, you should not focus solely on triceps or pectoral exercises. A muscular back will be good for all the exercises you do in weight training. It’s used often, even if you don’t perform it.

– Discover the 10 best exercises for pectorals to do at home!

The back is composed of many muscles, deep and superficial (such as the large dorsal, small dorsal, deltoids, large round …) and it has a very important role in your daily life. Without even knowing it, you use it constantly, to lift a load or to hold yourself correctly. Aesthetically, it is also essential because it is with a muscular back that you look strong. It is not for nothing that in the past, male virility was measured by the size of the shoulders!

So let’s see how to build up your back at home, when you don’t have any equipment at your disposal.

10 back exercises to do at home
To perform a complete program, you need to pick from these back exercises. These are easy to do at home, and except for the pull-ups, which will require you to have a support bar, you don’t need any equipment here.

What a great way to motivate yourself at home to get a great back quickly!

The Superman position
Contrary to what its name might lead you to believe, this is not about flying away with the Superman position. But almost!

Lying on a floor mat (or on the ground), you will stretch your arms forward, palms facing the ground, and raise them above your head. At the same time, you will lift your outstretched legs, as if you were in mid-air. Keep your head in line with your spine, so as not to strain your neck.

A great exercise to build upper back muscles and strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Superman position
The classic sheathing
Among the exercises for the back to be done without equipment, we have the very popular sheathing. Good for the back muscles but also for all the deep muscles of your body, the classic gainage, elbows on the ground, is simple to perform and you will have a wide margin of progression, which allows you to be aware of your progress.

You can start by holding 30 seconds, then climb to 1 min, then 1.30, etc.

To achieve this position of gainage, install yourself in a pump position, legs stretched and straight back, and put your elbows on the ground. Look straight ahead and hold for the time indicated, breathing well. Normally, you should feel your back and abs working.

classical bodyweight training
The high gainer
You will start in the same way as for the previous exercise. But instead of putting your elbows on the ground, you will have to stretch your arms and maintain the position.

The distance between your arms should correspond to the distance between your shoulders, for an effective work. Above all, make sure to stay straight, all along your body.

high back exercise home
The diagonal
Start by standing on the floor on all fours, or on a yoga mat for more comfort, and place your hands flat on the floor, in the space between your shoulders. Your knees should be level with your hips.

The exercise consists of extending the opposite arm and leg at the same time. For example, extend your right arm in front of you and extend your left leg behind you, for a diagonal workout that will build your back muscles.

diagonal home gym back program
The snow angel
Under this pretty name, which refers to the position of the children, who move their arms lengthened in snow to draw their silhouette in the powder, we have a good exercise for the back to make at home.

In contrast to the snow version, you’ll lie on your stomach, starting with your arms extended along your body. Your legs are aligned with your spine.

You’ll lift your limbs – legs and arms – about four inches off the ground, then bring your arms over your head and do the same movement with your legs. Climb up, then return to the base position.

Back workouts at home


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