“If you follow this program of fifteen minutes a day, five days a week for three weeks, you will get visible results on the shape of your legs, promises the coach and blogger Lucile Woodward. Expect aches and pains if you don’t exercise regularly, but these are a good sign. Feeling your body alive allows you to take control, to pay attention to yourself. As a result, you’re in a good frame of mind to skip dessert at the canteen and forget about snacking. ”

Put this 15 minutes a day in your diary, it’s an appointment that doesn’t go away. And take the time to get dressed and put on cushioned sneakers. The idea of these sessions? “To work the muscles in endurance, so by multiplying the repetitions. That’s how you refine yourself,” promises Lucile Woodward. But, be careful, without botching the movement: “Pay attention to your placement. After a while, it should start to sting, to burn even! ”

1. Start with the raised leg quarter squat explained below, to shape the thighs (front, back, side) and the buttocks. Do 30 the first day, then 5 more a day.

2. Put on the music you like and do five to 10 minutes of jump rope, dance or shadow boxing. “Doing cardio after strength training speeds up lipolysis, since the body has consumed the sugars in the muscles,” says Lucile.

3. During the day, at home or at the office, do the following two small exercises as soon as you think of them.

– Sitting with your feet flat on the floor, squeeze a small ball or your fist between your knees for one to two minutes to tone your inner thighs.

– Walk on your tiptoes as soon as you enter a certain room (for example, the kitchen). Target muscles: back of thighs and buttocks.

Bonus tip: Walk in low-heeled shoes or sneakers with unstable soles, such as MBT, to stimulate postural muscles and improve posture.


– Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

– Go down by bending the knees (but not too low), the bust quite straight, the belly drawn up against the spine, the shoulder blades tightened, the knees above the heels.

– Tighten the perineum while exhaling, and push on the right heel while raising the left leg on the side, foot flexed. Come back and alternate, once on the right, once on the left. Variation: From the third day on, use a rubber band. Place it under your right foot, one end in each hand, then lift your right leg to the side, before returning to the squat. 10 on each side. Tip: To protect your knees, you should always see the balls of your feet.

Stay focused on your goal and the correct execution of the movements. Sequence the reps so that you are slightly out of breath.

1. Gliding Lunge. Lucile Woodward says, “There’s no better way to sculpt your butt and legs. In fact, 70% of the muscles work at the same time: the calves, the front and back of the thighs, the glutes, and even the abs. “Start with 10 on each side, then add one or two reps a day (explained below).

2. String together ten minutes (= three songs) of jump rope, dance or shadow boxing.

3. During the day, at home or at the office…

– Get up from your chair? Suspend your buttocks 5 centimeters above the floor for one to two minutes. A great workout!

– While brushing your teeth, extend your left leg and lift it slightly backward for one and a half minutes; then extend and lift your right leg for the same amount of time. Keep your hips facing forward and don’t arch… it’s the buttocks that work hard!

Bonus tip: sports that slim? Those where you jump (badminton, trampoline, beach volleyball…), dance, rollerblading, and all water sports: aquafusion, aqua zumba, aquabike, aqua stand up or aquajump…

You’re starting to see your legs get firmer, your buttocks go up and the front of your thighs become more defined. Motivating, isn’t it?

1. The wide jump squat. This explosive workout builds fine muscles. It strengthens the front and inner thighs, glutes and calves. On the first two days, do the exercise while standing on the half-points. On the third day, do it while jumping. (Explanation shown below.) If you place your hands behind your head, the instability increases, which strengthens the deep abs and builds back muscle. 20 to 50 reps. On the last two days, you can add weights (at the wrists rather than the ankle) to increase the load – and therefore the difficulty.

2. Do ten minutes of cardio to music: jump rope, dance or shadow boxing.

3. During the day, at home or at the office…

– Balance on one leg. You can put your foot on your inner thigh, knee or calf. One minute on one side, one minute on the other.

– Several times throughout the day, step up on the half toes of the feet then rest the heels and lift the toes. 20 times.

Bonus tip: One or two nights a week, opt for a diet consisting of a bowl of brown rice and a good portion of cooked vegetables.


– Spread your feet wide apart, toes out.

– Lower yourself by bending your knees to bring them to the height of your pelvis. Keep your back straight. To increase the difficulty, place your hands behind your neck, elbows apart.

– Rise on tiptoes while exhaling, then come back down. From the third day on, jump up 10 to 15 cm off the ground, perineum contracted while blowing well, then rest your feet. 20 to 50 repetitions. Tip: do not push your buttocks backwards while jumping, they remain under your shoulders.


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