Getting Advice For Your Unplanned Pregnancy

According to the Office of Women’s Health, in America, there are about 1 in 2 pregnancies that are believed to be unplanned. For many different social and economic reasons, women are not ready for their unplanned pregnancy. There are many women all over the country dealing with personal or serious issues that affect their ability to properly care for an infant. For example, perhaps a woman is using drugs and alcohol and is also an addict. There is no way that within that time frame she would be able to provide the young child with love and support that it needs. Or, there are women who are homeless out in the street and have no way of not just receiving medical care for the pregnancy, but they have no means of financial support for the child. Whatever the situation is, it is important for women to take time to themselves to make a solid decision in whether or not they’re going to move forward with the pregnancy. They need to receive advice from professionals that can help them accurately assess their situation. Advice from friends and family can be deceiving, as most of the advice comes from biased opinions. Take time to consider reaching out to a professional pregnancy counselor, in order to thoroughly assess your current situation for pregnancy.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, research has shown that in the year of 2011, there were more than 6.1 million pregnancies that were unintended. An unintended pregnancy is defined as when a woman experiences pregnancy that was mistimed or unwanted. There are actually about 45 percent of all pregnancies that end up being on unintended by women in America. It is very unfortunate that women are forced to make a difficult decision in their lives about the life of another human being. There are many women who become pregnant who have absolutely no knowledge or education about raising a child or supporting them. Is it is important to make sure that if you do face an unplanned pregnancy, you take time to really think about what is going to be best for your unborn child. Depending on your situation, you may need further evaluation.

There are a variety of pregnancy counselors willing to provide women with advice. Pregnancy counselors are not there to make a decision for you, however they are there to assist you in analyzing all of the factors that can affect your decision. If you feel that you are alone and your decision-making, take time to reach out to a professional counselor. Many women feel that professional pregnancy counselors help them in understanding their situation, as many are lost during this time. You can take time to also look online for your nearest pregnancy counseling hialeah fl facility.

Unplanned pregnancies can definitely take a toll on you and can be very overwhelming. Without proper counseling services, it can be very difficult to make a clear decision on what you want to do. Take time to think about how you can benefit from reaching out to a professional for advice.