Slimming the Nose Naturally – 15 Tips
To slim the nose naturally, there are three types of actions to do.

  • Lose fat in the whole body.
  • Use techniques to activate the blood circulation in the face to lose weight in a targeted way.
  • Muscle up your face to have a naturally well-proportioned face.

To maximize results, diet is essential, but not in the sense of reducing calories as much as possible, but rather in the sense of eating better. Here are my tips for slimming the nose naturally.

Eat only fruit when you have a sweet tooth
Pastries are horrible for your weight. Sweets and pastries are made up exclusively of empty calories and often have industrial additions that trigger the end or weight gain.

Fruit is much better for the body. To really slim your nose naturally, when you want to eat sweet, just eat fruit. They are lower in calories and they have vitamins and minerals (which help the body function well and the metabolism, which is otherwise slowed down if it is deficient).

Supplement with a concentrate of fat-burning molecules
Even if you should not expect miracles from fat burning supplements, they help to slim down naturally.

Many are not very effective but some have a proven effectiveness as caffeine which significantly increases the metabolic rate (source).

When you take the best ones, you can then hope to increase your metabolism by a few dozen calories (it’s not much but still good to take!). I advise you this fat burning supplement that gathers several fat burners in one supplement.

Be patient and consistent
slimming the nose naturally takes time. There is no secret solution or hidden magic formula to find.

So to slim down the nose naturally, choose the tips in this article that are easiest to follow. Then make these tips become habits (like washing, sleeping at night, brushing your teeth…).

Then the more results you want, the more tips you will have to follow. This is the law of profitable investment. The more you invest, the more you earn.

Increase your anti-estrogen intake
This tip is especially effective for men, but it is also effective for women. Estrogen is what gives women their femininity. It is very powerful to the point of being able to give the appearance of woman to men (search trans-sexual in google to see!).

However, when you want to slim down your nose naturally, you only want to lose fat (but not muscle).

When you have too much estrogen compared to testosterone (it’s the ratio that counts), you end up fat instead of muscular. The anti-estrogens will thus help to slim the nose naturally. You can consume them through anti-estrogenic foods. There are also anti-estrogen supplements (more practical).

Going paleo
Paleo nutrition consists in eating the way our ancestors of the Paleolithic era ate, which was in excellent health (they had no cavities, no bone problems, and not most of our diseases… all these problems (well at least 90%) having arrived at the Neolithic era (cultivation of cereals).

The paleo diet consists in stopping industrial food, vegetable oils, cereals (including flours) and legumes. Instead, we eat fruits, vegetables (including starchy vegetables such as potatoes and chestnuts) and animal products (eggs, meat, game, fish, offal). These highly nutritious foods help to obtain all the essential vitamins and minerals in perfect proportions for the regeneration of the body. This type of diet is great for remineralizing the body and consequently slimming the nose naturally.

However, this type of diet is only possible when you can choose what you eat. In this situation you can eat paleo only at your free meals. Often this is enough to get enough good nutrients and thus slim down the nose naturally. To try it I invite you to visit this site on the paleo diet where you will find more details and many paleo recipes.

Eating Konjac, the vermicelli without calories
Konjac noodles are pasta that do not contain calories and are therefore good for slimming the nose naturally. Like the classic pasta, they take the taste of what accompanies them.

Konjac noodles contain a lot of fiber. As a result they are very satiating.

But they are not affordable for everyone because of their price, which is 5 to 10 times higher than regular pasta. To keep costs down, I buy Konjac vermicelli from Bulk Powders when they have promotions (you have to look on the Bulk Powders homepage, there are often 10-20% coupons scrolling by). You can also find Konjac in some grocery stores, but personally I’ve never found any.

Stop taking the pill (for women)
The pill contains a lot of estrogen. This is the hormone responsible for a woman’s feminine appearance. It is very powerful, to the point of being able to transform a man’s appearance into that of a woman (look what it does to transsexuals).

An excess of estrogen promotes fat storage, while the opposite hormone, the male hormone (testosterone) promotes muscle gain.

As a reminder, testosterone and growth hormone promote the transformation of excess calories into muscle. It is with high levels of testosterone that some professional bodybuilders manage to eat more than 10,000 calories a day and gain muscle alone. As for thyroid hormones, they allow you to burn calories instead of stopping them (this translates into plenty of energy and you warm up easily when it’s cold).

But estrogens, in too large quantities (but not in reasonable quantities.), promote the storage of fat as soon as we eat. So to slim your nose naturally, I strongly recommend that you avoid the pill and industrial foods that contain a lot of estrogen additives.

Eating in the heat
When it is very hot, you must have noticed that it is difficult to eat many calories. In particular, we are very attracted to low-calorie meals such as fruit and salads (excellent for slimming the nose naturally).

To really slim down the nose naturally, when temperatures are normal, it is possible to eat in the heat, either by temporarily turning up the heat or by using a small portable sauna (very affordable!).

An ecomonic and portable sauna for your home

You can also take a walk before eating while dressed very hot (think of the sweat suit or the ski suit).

For this tip to work well, you need to start warming up 10 to 20 minutes before you start your meal. You will then have a reduced appetite and eat less. I only use this tip in the evening, which is the only time of day I can overeat.

Eating better by pre-committing
Often our motivation varies. We only manage to eat better from time to time. However, in order to slim down your nose naturally, you have to be consistent.

So the trick is to pre-commit when you are motivated. Here is how it works.

  • Shop only when you are motivated and at a time when you are not hungry. This helps to buy only food that is good for your weight and good for your health. No junk food!
  • Foods to be eaten in moderation (such as meat, dark chocolate or dried fruit which are good, but only in moderate quantities) should be bought in moderate quantities. Ideally, you should choose foods that need to be prepared (to avoid having a high-calorie food on hand, quick to eat, in case of stress).
  • Make your meals in advance (twice a week for example).

This way you will buy and cook only when you are motivated, to make good choices only. And if your motivation drops, you will not be able to eat junk food.

Watch out for bad food combinations
Foods are digested in different ways.

  • More or less quickly. When a slow-digesting food is eaten with slow-digesting foods, it can rot and interfere with proper digestion.
  • In a more or less acidic environment.

With different kinds of enzymes, some of which can destroy each other when you vary your food too much.

The more you consume foods that digest differently…the more difficult digestion becomes. So it takes time to digest and foods are “over” destroyed. Many vitamins and minerals can no longer be absorbed. Poor digestion also results in fatigue, gas and weight gain.

Here are the different types of foods that can be combined or not. The larger your meal and the more fragile your stomach, the more important it is to take into account incompatibilities.

The right food combinations to lose weight while digesting better

Note that the right food combinations are especially important for larger meals (for smaller meals the body can adapt without problems). For more explanations, I invite you to read my article on good food combinations.

You can also buy this great and complete ebook on food combinations, with many bonus recipes that help to easily apply the theory.

Check the balance of your myofascial lines
Myofascial lines are chains made up of muscles and joints that contract at the same time. I invite you to watch this video to discover the different myofascial lines of the body.

Myofascial line training is a great complement to traditional strength training. All myofascial lines are important and having one underdeveloped line can lead to health problems (due to blood circulation problems). Having all your myofascial lines well muscled helps to slim your nose naturally.

Increase your metabolism by adding spice to your dishes
Most of the herbs and spices that are spicy help to slim down the nose naturally for a number of reasons.

  • The spice increases the metabolism and thus helps to burn more calories after eating (source).
  • They are often very rich in vitamins and minerals. They help to avoid dietary deficiencies in order to maintain a good metabolism.
  • The herbs and spices allow to give good taste to its dishes. When you know how to use spices, you can do without the industrial accompaniments that are often bad for the pods.

Increase your blood circulation with a hot cold pack for face (very effective)
Putting a hot cold pack on your face is very effective for slimming your nose naturally. Ideally, you should start with about 20 minutes of cold, then you can follow with 10 minutes of hot (after the cold, the hot will improve blood circulation even more).

Hot and cold mask to activate blood circulation in the face

To try, I recommend this hot cold mask for the face.

Consume a good supplement a multi-vitamins multi-minerals
The land is becoming more and more demineralized. Fruits are often picked before they are ripe and therefore have few vitamins. Food is more and more transformed by refining which removes the nutrients. As a result, it is difficult today to receive all the vitamins and minerals in the right proportions. The slightest dietary deficiency prevents a natural slimming down of the nose while destroying the health and promoting problems on the long term. In case of digestive problems, the deficiencies are amplified by a bad assimilation and one enters a vicious circle!

So taking a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement is an excellent idea to prevent many problems from occurring and to help slim down the nose naturally.

Don’t eat fast but rather slowly
When you eat, it takes about 20 minutes for the food to arrive in your stomach. Then it takes several dozen minutes for the calories to be absorbed. It is after these 2 steps that we become full.

When we chew our food properly, this process takes place more quickly. Food is then simpler and faster to digest.

But when we eat too fast, we quickly find ourselves eating too much and missing the signals of satiety. So eating quickly makes you eat too much, which prevents you from slimming down naturally.

Wanting to lose weight too quickly in an unrealistic way
When you lose weight quickly, it is dehydration, not fat. As a reminder, 1 kilo of fat is 9000 calories.

In addition, we often tend to eat salty food and retain water, so the slightest diet quickly makes us lose several kilos of water. But it is rarely fat.

Losing weight quickly is impossible and those who try to lose weight quickly find themselves on drastic diets that dehydrate and do not work. Except that they are detrimental to your health and they diminish your ability to lose weight. Because to lose fat you absolutely need a good metabolism. Otherwise the blood does not circulate quickly and does not go into the fat.

This is probably the reason why professional bodybuilding and athletic trainers, the only people able to lose all their fat, do not use low-calorie diets to lose weight quickly. They use methods that are not as fast but that work.

Believing that losing water and fat are the same thing
When we want to lose weight from our nose, we often tend to retain water either because of an excess of sodium or an excess of calories (when meals are large, the stomach retains much more water temporarily. This can amount to several kilos of retained water).

When you lose weight, you eliminate not only fat but also water (even muscle). As a reminder, one kilo of fat is about 9000 calories (look at the label of a bottle of oil, there are 900 * 10 = 9000 calories in a liter.).

So at the beginning of a diet, it is normal to lose a lot of water (and a lot of weight). But once the water is expelled (which can quickly return), it is normal to lose more slowly. This should not frustrate you because it is normal!

Living under stress
Bad stress does not help. But it leads to excessive production of cortisol, a hormone that turns muscle into energy (in excess.). But to slim the nose naturally it is necessary to preserve its muscle mass at all costs.

So avoid stressful situations as much as possible. In case of mistakes, stay proud and move on. The same goes for misfortunes. They are a part of life. Separate yourself from negative people or ignore them as best you can when that is not possible.

When I am attacked, I ignore the attackers in the same way I ignore dogs barking to defend their territory. Knowing how to do that instead of arguing and fighting all the time… it doesn’t change your life!

Believing that the more calories you cut, the better
Not eating enough calories destroys your metabolism and prevents you from slimming down your nose naturally. Why is that? Because when you don’t eat enough, your metabolism slows down. However, when the metabolism is slowed down, then the blood circulates too slowly to reach the areas where you want to lose fat (hence the fact that at the beach, you tend to have a cold butt and stomach).

In addition, you may notice that pro bodybuilders, the best ones when it comes to losing fat, never make a drastic drop in calories.

Doing too much cardio
Doing intensive cardio prevents you from slimming your nose naturally. By intensive, I’m talking about cardio sessions that last more than 30 minutes and where the breathing is very strong to the point of not being able to speak.

In this case, cardio can create stress on the body that triggers muscle loss and fat gain. Why is this? During training, intensive cardio will require large amounts of glycogen (carbohydrates). The body will then draw from the muscles. This effect lasts for several hours after the workout. This is very bad!

If you are doing cardio, do either split sessions of 30 minutes maximum, or longer sessions at low intensity (you should be able to talk easily). If you choose the latter option, you can also do some intensive splits during your sessions (for example 20 minutes).

Wanting to lose weight by doing little
Many people succeed in losing weight seriously and yet the majority fail. I think that less than 5 people out of 100 succeed in losing weight permanently.

Losing all your fat is not easy and if there was a miracle solution that worked systematically, there would be many more people with a dream physique.

But no, many people try the easy solutions, then inevitably fail and then think that losing weight is impossible. Eventually some develop a need to annoy those who are trying to help or those who want to try to lose weight.

Losing fat is possible. Many people can do it. But it’s not a matter of finding the little miracle method and you have to persevere.

Doing too much sport
Even among professional bodybuilders, the few people who are able to lose all their fat allow themselves one day off a week. But they are trained, they sleep well at night and they have an impeccable diet.

When you train too much, there is a risk of overtraining. The positive effects of sport are then replaced by negative effects such as muscle loss and fat storage (due to hormonal imbalance).

Do at most 5 sessions per week (3 if you are a beginner) and be observant. If you are not progressing even though you are training a lot, it may be related to overtraining.

Believing that low-fat foods help you lose weight
Low-fat foods contain molecules worse than calories that cause weight gain as soon as you eat. These molecules trigger the excessive production of estrogen (the hormone that makes women look good). In excess, estrogens make you gain weight as soon as you eat.

Moreover, low-fat foods are not very satiating. They also often contain additives that increase the appetite. So we eat more…and in particular we eat more estrogen.

As a result, low-fat foods are more likely to make you gain weight than lose weight.

Believing that the less fat we eat, the better
It is true that fat is bad in excess. But in moderate quantities, good fats help to create tissue and maintain a good metabolism.

So it is essential to eat a minimum of fat so that it represents 15 to 25% of calories. Below this level, we find ourselves with a fat deficiency that makes us weak and prevents us from slimming down naturally.

I’m talking about good fats such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, fish oil and fats from grass-fed animals (when animals are fed on grass they are rich in omega-3). On the other hand, you should avoid fatty acids from processed products which are almost always bad (such as trans fatty acids for example).

Believing that eating healthy is useless
When we want to slim our noses naturally, we often think only about calories. But eating well is essential. When we don’t eat well, we become full of estrogen-type additives that promote fat storage as soon as we eat.

We also end up with dietary deficiencies that reduce the metabolism and make it impossible to slim down the nose naturally.


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