Does losing weight affect your nose ? 5 Tips you need to know

Slimming the Nose Naturally - 15 TipsTo slim the nose naturally, there are three types of actions to do. Lose fat in the whole body.Use techniques to activate the blood circulation in the face to lose weight in a targeted way.Muscle up your face to have a naturally well-proportioned face. To maximize results, diet is essential,...

Best zumba tips

Zumba exercises
What is Zumba?Zumba is an unclassifiable discipline. Halfway between aerobics and Latin-American dance, it allows the whole body to be toned to the tunes of mambo, tango, flamenco, samba, merengue, chachacha or reggaeton - to name a few. But, unlike a dance class, the movements are simple. No need to learn the choreography from week...

Gym secrets and tips

zumba courses
Discover the machines with the help of a coachThe posture that you adopt on the machines at the gym is important: if you place yourself badly, or if you do not hold yourself correctly on a treadmill, a rower, or an elliptical, you increase the risks of pain, even injury. To get the most out...

Why you should start doing yoga today !

chair yoga
Yoga is a way to relieve stress. As in meditation, by listening to your breathing and being aware of your sensations, yoga favors letting go by living in the present moment. You will forget the worries of everyday life, the automatic thoughts. After a yoga session, you will feel relaxed and you will have regained energy! Another good...

Back workouts from home, our Top 10 !

For a strong back without equipmentIf you can't use weight training equipment, you'll need to find alternative exercises to build your back. This is essential because as part of a complete strength training program to develop your entire body, you should not focus solely on triceps or pectoral exercises. A muscular back will be...

How to do burpees ?

What is the origin of burpees? Invented in the 1930s by an American physiologist named Royal H. Burpee, who used it for fitness testing1, it later spread to the U.S. Armed Forces, also as a test to assess fitness, agility, coordination, strength and endurance. 41 burpees in 1 minute reflecting excellent fitness, 27 burpees in 1...

How to prepare for your first marathon

1-Which marathon prep should I choose for my first marathon? For a first experience, the time on the half marathon (21km) is the most suitable reference. The running time of this half-marathon will give you a more or less precise idea of your time on a marathon and will help you choose your training program. However, you...

7 Trx exercises you must try at home

A limited choice In reality, today there are only 4 pieces of equipment that stand out from the crowd for doing sports at home. As you now know, my order of priority is this: Resistance bands to develop your muscle volume and slim down. Suspension straps or TRX straps for quick weight loss and muscle toning. Pull-up bar for...