Zumba exercises

What is Zumba?
Zumba is an unclassifiable discipline. Halfway between aerobics and Latin-American dance, it allows the whole body to be toned to the tunes of mambo, tango, flamenco, samba, merengue, chachacha or reggaeton – to name a few.

But, unlike a dance class, the movements are simple. No need to learn the choreography from week to week, to do a splits or to perform a dance step with the legs perfectly parallel. Here, the goal is to have fun, to let go, without having to worry about a stressful discipline.

For the record, Zumba was created by Beto Perez, choreographer of Shakira. Beto was teaching fitness, in Cali, Colombia. One day, he forgot the aerobic music he usually used for his class and had to improvise with the compilations he was carrying in his backpack. Zumba was born. Beto moved to Miami. In 2001, he created the company “Zumba fitness”, and later, the Zumba Academy. Since 2007, Zumba is taught on the 6 continents…in 60 000 classrooms.

Our opinion on Zumba
Press releases attest that “Zumba is neither a dance class nor a gym class, it’s a party! “. And we confirm it.

Just watch a Zumba class and you’ll have a smile on your face. Because the catchy rhythms, the cohesion of the group, the pleasure of the students, the tonicity of the teacher, the diversity of the movements and the -very- colorful clothes, would cheer up any person.

The accessible choreography makes this group class a real invitation to party and have fun. But be careful, no smoke and mirrors. If Zumba is fun, it is also exhausting! You burn a lot of calories, you slim down and you tone up. The whole body is solicited, which makes Zumba a partner of choice for a fitness cure.

However, the course is carefully orchestrated so that the effort is progressive and, therefore, bearable. We always start with a warm-up session. Then, it is the body of the session: we alternate phases of acceleration and recovery, to be able to hold until the end of the course. We finish with a “cool down” phase where students stretch their muscles.


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