A limited choice
In reality, today there are only 4 pieces of equipment that stand out from the crowd for doing sports at home.

As you now know, my order of priority is this:

Resistance bands to develop your muscle volume and slim down.
Suspension straps or TRX straps for quick weight loss and muscle toning.
Pull-up bar for big backs and concrete biceps.
Dumbbells or free weights for weight gain if you don’t train alone. The risks of injury are indeed greater.
The first two are by far the most suitable for training at home, but also when travelling. In addition to the advantages of each of these pieces of equipment, TRX straps are a good complement to resistance bands for working the quadriceps (thighs) and the abdominal strap.

Only those who want to develop extraordinary muscles will need to use dumbbells and free weights. But in this case, the house is not the best place for their sessions. And a “conventional diet” won’t cut it, if you know what I mean.

This article will first focus on the scientifically proven benefits of TRX straps for your sessions.

Then we’ll talk about what exercises to do with your TRX suspension strap. We’ll look at 7 particularly effective moves for visible results in 4 weeks (12 weeks max if you’re starting from the Flanby physique).

TRX exercises: The benefits of instability
I know, unstable people are not well regarded.

On the other hand, instability in sports has many benefits.

Oh yeah, what are they? (I know you)

There have been many debates in the sports community about the value of training on a stable surface versus an unstable surface.

In general (or colonel 😛 ), standing on a completely unstable surface seems to not help with strength gain. For example, doing push-ups with your hands and feet suspended with straps is not the easiest to focus on the movement.

But what about an exercise performed with the feet stabilized while the hands are suspended (and vice versa)?

A scientific study to back it up
I don’t want to bore you with scientific research. But, to support my remarks, here are some arguments that are worth looking into.

You can skip to the next subheading if you’re dabbling in it.

A study published in January 2014 in the very serious Journal of the NSCA in the USA (read if you are fluent in English) reports the findings of scientists on the subject. The research was conducted by Dr. Stuart McGill, a specialist in biomechanics and kinesiology, among others.

The researchers of this study compared the exercises performed with TRX straps and those performed in a more traditional way.

They noted that the exercises with the straps put more strain on the abdominal muscles than the movements performed in a stable position.

They also noted that the horizontal movements with the suspension straps were very protective of the spine.

The interest of the study to transform you
I’m not going to summarize it all because it’s a bit long (and boring). But, here’s the point for you:

In conclusion, the study found that TRX straps outperform all other methods of building abdominal muscle, including deep muscles. It’s probably this near-constant demand on the abdominal muscles that explains why it’s so easy to get a flat stomach using TRX straps.


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