No! But why? Because we are all different, and we all have a greater or lesser capacity to gain muscle mass and therefore to become muscular. These characteristics would be of genetic origin, so we can classify individuals according to what we call the morphotype. There are several morphotypes:

– The endomorph: this is not the most advantageous physique for muscle building. This athlete has a thin bone structure, wide hips and narrow shoulders. He has a tendency to gain fat easily even with a balanced diet. He will easily gain weight.

– The mesomorph : this is the ideal physique for bodybuilding. This athlete has a broad and thick bone structure and broad shoulders. He is naturally muscular. It is as easy to gain weight as to lose weight. He will easily gain muscle mass.

– The ectomorph: this is the most disadvantageous physique for bodybuilding. This athlete has a thin bone structure, is thin and not very muscular, has narrow shoulders and a narrow pelvis. He eats a lot but does not gain weight.

But don’t panic! Whatever the morphotype, there is always a possibility of change and a margin of progression because the performances obtained. Yes, genetics will intervene for only 10% of the result, the remaining 90% being the association of a judiciously elaborated training, diet and recovery.

Thus the desired results will be obtained more or less quickly depending on the individual. Some will gain muscle mass easily and quickly, while others will take longer to reach their goals, but will still achieve them through perseverance and regularity.

In bodybuilding, mass gain is a period during which the volume of the muscle is increased, which is therefore characterized by weight gain. The objective here is not only to gain muscle, but also weight. However, it will be necessary to dissociate the gain of fat mass (body fat) and the gain of lean mass (muscles).

You will therefore understand that it will be necessary to combine nutrition with training in order to increase caloric intake.
However, this does not mean throwing yourself on any food because if increasing your mass without gaining muscle is possible (and even rather easy), gaining muscle without gaining fat is much more difficult (it is a process that requires a lot of time)!

How to gain muscle mass ?
To gain mass, you will have to respect 3 rules: diet, training and recovery.

For the diet, the principle is to have a slightly high-calorie diet for a few months (2 to 4 months).

The distribution of your macronutrients is important. Indeed, it is not simply a matter of increasing your calories by eating everything and anything. You must provide your body with the necessary fuel to function properly. Especially since this gain in mass leads to muscle growth but also an increase in fat mass that must be limited to a maximum. Protein intake is increased (1.7g to 2g / kg of your weight) as well as carbohydrate intake so that the body has all the nutrients necessary for muscle building. This food surplus will allow you to associate this period with a more frequent and more powerful muscle training than usual.

Thus, once you have organized your diet and your daily caloric needs, you can plan your training cycle dedicated to mass gain
Training is the foundation of muscle development. To become more massive, you must work with heavy loads using bars or dumbbells. Don’t hesitate to consult our article on muscle hypertrophy to understand how muscle gain works.
Focus on basic exercises that work the large muscle groups and involve several joints. For example: squat, deadlift, rowing, bench press and pull-ups. These movements will give you more muscle gains than single-joint isolation exercises. In fact, the more muscles you use, the stronger the anabolic reaction and therefore the more muscle you gain.

Finally, don’t neglect your recovery. It is during recovery that muscle rebuilding takes place and therefore ultimately muscle gain. Outside of your workouts, muscles need to rest to better rebuild, strengthen and develop.


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